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We are a family owned company, offering air conditioning services for over 30 years.   My wife and I, Eddie and Susan Sheridan, would welcome your call to discuss any air conditioning service question you have.
We don't rely on advertising.  The vast majority of our customers are referred to us by previous customers.  This ensures customer satisfaction.  We want you to refer friends and neighbors.  Our customer service is always above and beyond what you would expect.  We don't subcontract any of our services and have full comprehensive and liability coverage.  Free estimates and references can be provided upon request. 

We're one of the most experienced Air Conditioning Contractors in the area, and pride ourselves in the workmanship and quality of service we provide.  Our service area includes Gainesville, Florida, and surrounding areas in central florida. 

We provide commercial and residential air conditioning service and offer reasonable air conditioning repair rates.  We offer full installation and repair for Goodman, Payne, Lennox, ICP and service all brands. 

Our company is licensed, insured, and have full comprehensive and liability coverage for your protection. 

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Licensed AC Contractor: Fla. Lic. #CAC1816952
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AC Sales
We offer full installation and repair for Goodman, Payne, Lennox, ICP and service all brands.

AC System Repair
air conditioning repair iconYou can count on a quick expert repair at a resonable and affordable price.

Residential-Commercial-Industrial Repair/Installation
commercial air conditioning repairWe have experience in all phases of AC repair and installation, whether for home, business, or commercial application.

AC System Duct Installation
ac duct repairWhether you need new duct installation or have air leaking from ducts and air handlers, call us.

Air Conditioning Services

We provide honest, courteous, quality service to all our customers. Our word is our bond and we stand behind all our work. We know how important your air conditioning system is to you and We'll do everything possible to make it safe, efficient and affordable.

In addition to expert A/C maintenance and repair, We can also service your pool heat pump. We want to keep you as a customer for life. Our goal is to quickly restore the comfortable climate in your home at the best possible value. We never recommend replacement of your unit when it can be cost-effectively repaired. We are also sensitive to working within your living space, and strive to do our job quickly and efficiently, without disturbing your indoor environment.

Our experienced technicians arrive when we say we will. We don't recommend any service that you don't need. If we can fix it without the need for new parts, we will. Our profits come from repeat business and recommendations...period. We are the only repair service you will ever need to call for your air conditioning and heating needs. We also offer regularly scheduled maintenance.

Heating System Services

Why choose Sheridan Air Conditioning for your heating system service?
Whether you're considering a new heating system or upgrading your existing heating system we can design, install and service a system that is right for your unique needs.

We offer highly qualified, licensed, and insured technicians to install and service your heating system. Your new system will be designed for performance, reliability and efficiency for years to come, using only the highest quality products from industry leaders.

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Up Front Pricing. What you are quoted is what you pay; there will be no surprises or hidden fees when the job is done. And we stand behind our work 100%.

We repair/sell/install traditional gas fired systems as well as heat pumps and other systems. We can design a heating system that’s perfect for your needs! And we service heating systems and heat pumps, including gas fired boilers and furnaces.

We’re your local heating system installation, sales and service company - but our service is world class! We invite you to contact us for your heating system service needs and experience the Sheridan AC difference.

  • We offer Flat Rate Pricing. You'll know how much repairs will cost before, not after we start.
  • Always give a price before repairs are done.
  • We service all Brands.
  • We offer free second opinions on replacements.
  • We accept credit cards.
  • Most of our business comes through referrals so customer satisfaction is our top priority.
  • We serve Gainesville, and surrounding areas.

Sheridan Air Conditioning is a professional AC company specializing in residential AC repair and AC installations. We install and repair almost all major brands of AC & Heating Systems. Our service area includes all of Gainesville, and central Florida.


The single most important thing you can do to maintain your unit is to make sure you check and change your air filters regularly!!!!

High-Efficiency Furnaces
Condensing furnaces with efficiencies over 90 percent offer the most energy savings. These furnaces achieve 90 percent AFUE rating by sending flue gases through a secondary heat exchanger. This device further extracts heat that is usable energy for your home. Remaining flue gases then exhaust outdoors through a special plastic-type vent pipe inserted through the wall of the home. This "direct-vent" piping configuration also draws in outside air for combustion. Since indoor air is not used in the combustion process, cold air leakage (infiltration) is reduced--an added energy savings.

In addition, it is important to realize, that when installing new furnaces, the chimney must be properly lined to avoid corrosion that can occur during condensation. This is typically the case when replacing equipment in existing construction.

Most new high-efficiency gas furnaces carry up to a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger. Many manufacturers and contractors also offer warranties from two to five years on all parts.

Condenser Coil Cleaning
The condenser coil is the outside unit coil. As you see, it does not have a filter as the indoor coil does. It gets cleaned, in theory, when the rains come. Well, that is not good enough, and needs a yearly cleaning also. The best way to do this is hire a licensed professional. But for the "do it your selfer", if you shut off the breaker for the outside unit, (breaker usually next to outside unit), take a garden hose with a spray nozzle, and standing back about a foot, spray top to bottom to remove any loose dirt, grass, etc. this should take about 20 minutes to do completely. Allow the water about 10 minutes to drain away, restore power to the unit, and all should be good for another year.

Thermostats - What You Should Know
There are many types of thermostats on the market today, and Digital is taking over where the old "Mercury Bulb" type is becoming obsolete. The Mercury type was great in its time, but was a slower responding stat. this caused longer off times, and longer on times as well. The swap over to digital can be very complicated, as many digital stats say they work with all types, when in fact, they may, but not correctly. If you have replaced your stat yourself, and your power consumption has increased, it is suggested that you have a trained service tech check out the wiring, and or programming. If you are planning on purchasing a stat at your local home improvement store, make certain that they will take the old mercury stat from you and dispose of it properly. DO NOT THROW THE MERCURY THERMOSTAT IN THE HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE. IT IS A HAZARDOUS WASTE, AND MUST BE DISPOSED OF PROPERLY. A service company will be responsible for this for you if you have them install a stat you purchase from them.

What is An Air Conditioning Tune-Up?
The purpose of a system tune up is to have your system at peak performance when the weather gets either hot or cool. Tune ups are recommended no less than once per year, and sometimes twice, depending on the type of system you may have. An oil or gas furnace being serviced for its annual service in the spring is not as wise as late in the fall, prior to being needed. A heat pump, however, can be tuned up any time, as it is a reverse cycle system, and the Freon characteristics remain the same, the temperatures vary, but a trained technician will know this.

What is the most important thing a homeowner can do?
The most important thing a homeowner can do to protect their air conditioning and heating system is to remember to change the heating and air conditioning air filter. Changing furnace and return air filters is crucial to the proper performance of your HVAC system, not to mention your home's air quality.